Termite Services

Termite attacks may begin within a year after construction. Given the significant probability that your home either has termites or will have termites, it is crucial that you have your home inspected regularly. Our well-trained inspectors will be happy to inspect your home inside and out for signs of termite activity. This is a free, no obligation service will allow us to determine if you qualify for our home protection plan or if further termite work is needed.

Flea Services

We apply a variety of products including Nyguard, and Suspend, which act in concert with each other to ensure maximum control. Suspend is a powerful contact killer, but maintains a better residual–eliminating insects that come into contact with it in the future. Nyguard is an IGR (Integrated Growth Regulator) which will cause morphological abnormalities, essentially sterilizing affected fleas and eggs. We normally perform a blanket application including all carpet, drapes, and any upholstered furniture that can’t be washed, as well as an outside barrier treatment.

Ant Services

We can treat your home with Termidor and other equally as good products. These products are specifically designed to manage your ant infestation and these innovative pesticides are intended to be slow acting so ants in the treated areas usually will not die upon contact, but live long enough to spread it throughout the colony–ultimately destroying the entire ant population. This process usually takes 10 to 15 days to be completely effective. We, therefore, hope that you will be patient during this process and inform us if further treatments are needed after that period.

Bed Bugs

We use a dust instead of a heat treatment for beg bugs. The products we use on them are designed to last a long time as we treat the whole house with it, not just bedrooms. We also do two applications, the first one and then we come back a month later. During this time we ask you to keep washing all bedding, linens, clothes and move furniture around as it will stir up the bed bugs and make them crawl into our dust where they will die. rodent & squirrel exclusion Many of you will hear something in the attic and that’s where we come in. We inspect the whole house to find where the entry points are for what is making the noise and we seal the house back up. Our trained techs can tell if this is a squirrel, rodent, or maybe a stray opossum or raccoon. We have humane traps as well as bait stations for rodents that are set outside the house so they hopefully will not die inside the walls or attic and smell up your home.

Mosquito Services

We have a great product call Essentria that is made from peppermint and rosemary oil. It actually leaves your yard smelling minty fresh! We manually spray all the landscaping, shrubs, bushes, and underneath the foliage where mosquitoes like to hang out. This product is much more friendly for kids, pets and any plants since it is derived from natural sources. Please remember to also have citronella and use mosquitoes sprays. Although we will do everything we can to help with the mosquitoes, we cannot kill every single one as they are very tricky flying insects to kill. Our spray is intended to be used with other means like citronella to help protect your family.