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Ridding Your Home of Pests and Termites

There’s plenty to like about living in DFW Metroplex, including the weather and beautiful scenery. Our warm climate means that pests will try to take up residency in your home to beat the heat, but Graham’s Lawn & Pest control knows how to stop them. From the tiniest of insects like fleas to larger wildlife like raccoons, we can remove these unwanted guests from your DFW area home. Our team would be happy to discuss your pest control problems and provide a quick quote for an effective removal method.

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Fast and Effective Pest Control Services

Have you recently discovered pests, termites, or wildlife trying to call your home their own? They aren’t paying rent, so there’s no reason to keep them around! Pests can cause health problems for your family and can eat away at the structural integrity of your home. Graham’s Lawn & Pest is well-equipped to eliminate many types of pests from your home in DFW Metroplex.

Well-Equipped to Eliminate Following Types of Pests From Your Home


Many types of ants can make their way into your home. We can remove them and make sure they don’t get back in. Our pest control products will slowly spread to the entire ant colony, stopping them in their tracks.


Don’t risk allowing one of your family members to be stung by a wasp. Whether you’ve had one or two enter your home and can’t get them to leave, or you’ve found a nest on your property, we’ll get them out of there in a hurry.


These wingless insects love humid areas and tend to multiply quickly, leading to infestations. They commonly take up residency in basements, attics, or bathrooms with damp and humid conditions. We can remove them from your home, so be sure to contact us today.

Bed Bugs

These tiny insects are a big problem. It’s critical you have a bed bug infestation treated early because they spread quickly and easily. If you notice any bed bug bites be sure to contact us so we can provide a thorough inspection of your home and get started on treatments right away if necessary.


These insects are most commonly associated with dogs and cats, but they can also be found on other types of mammals as well as birds. While they won’t live on humans, they do like to bite, so it’s important to have them removed from your home.


One of the last types of “houseguests” you want to see, cockroaches are more than just disgusting. They carry diseases and are the insects responsible for causing the most allergies as well.

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