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Removing Wildlife From Your Place of Business

There’s plenty of amazing wildlife here in the DFW Metroplex area, but they have no place inside your commercial building. Rodents and other forms of wildlife don’t adhere to the rules of your business, sneaking inside to find a cool, dry place to rest at the most inopportune times. Whether you own or operate a retail location, restaurant, government facility, or more, we can remove wildlife from your place of business. Our experienced team will determine how they entered and recommend fixes to prevent unwanted guests from coming back to your business.

squirrel on a roof

Wildlife Control Services in DFW Metroplex

When you own or operate a business, you want as many customers and clients as possible. With that being said, there are also unwanted guests that will do anything they can to gain access to your commercial building in the DFW area. Graham’s Lawn & Pest can effectively remove wildlife from your building so that you can resume your everyday activities safely. Never attempt to remove wildlife yourself because you can become seriously injured if you aren’t properly trained and outfitted. Contact the professional wildlife removal team at Graham’s Lawn & Pest for assistance removing.

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Rats, mice, and roof rats are just a few of the many types of rodents calling DFW Metroplex businesses home. While they may not be as dangerous as other larger types of wildlife, rodents carry disease and will have customer scurrying from your building.


On the surface, squirrels may look cute and cuddly, but they’re far from it. Squirrels are unpredictable as are other wild animals. They tend to carry disease, including the rabies virus and can damage your commercial building.


Similar to squirrels and opossums, raccoons might be “cute” on the surface, but it’s not so cute when one becomes trapped inside your place of business. They carry harmful diseases that can be transmitted to humans, so it’s critical to have them removed ASAP.


While it might not happen all the time, opossums like to come in out of the cold or the hot Dallas sun and relax inside a well-insulated building. These critters can carry disease and pretend to be dead when they get frightened.

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