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We Will Eradicate Wildlife from Your Commercial Property

Your business should be an inviting environment for customers. But the comforts you offer your patrons should not extend to wildlife. If you notice unwanted rats, squirrels, bats, or other varmints on your property, reach out to Graham’s Lawn & Pest. We provide comprehensive commercial wildlife control services in the DFW Metroplex. Our team has been serving business owners in the region since 1951, and we are eager to help you maintain a welcoming atmosphere. Animals often seek shelter indoors, which can be off-putting for an unsuspecting customer or employee. But Graham’s Lawn & Pest will ensure the critters are not comfortable for long. Call us today to learn about our commercial wildlife removal services.

squirrel on a roof

Our Team Removes All Types of Wildlife

The DFW Metroplex is home to all kinds of amazing wildlife. While these animals are lovely to view in their natural habitat, you do not want them to invade your commercial property. If they seek shelter from the rain or extreme temperatures, your business could be an enticing option. But Graham’s Lawn & Pest has the expertise to prevent critters from establishing themselves in your facility. We have extensive industry experience, so you can rest assured we will devise a plan to keep animals at bay. Among the animals we have removed from commercial properties are:

  • Rodents – Comprising rats, mice, and more, rodents carry diseases that could put your staff or customers in harm’s way.
  • Squirrels – These dangerous, unpredictable animals may carry rabies and can cause damage to your business.
  • Raccoons – Known to forage for food, raccoons can become harmful when they are threatened.
  • Opossums – In pursuit of a climate-controlled setting, opossums may enter your building and set up camp. These animals play dead when they are frightened.
  • Pigeons – Birds, such as pigeons, may enter your facility and terrorize your clients. We can effectively remove them and suggest ways to prevent their return.
  • Bats – Another flying animal, bats are native to the DFW Metroplex. They can be tricky to control, but Graham’s Lawn & Pest is up to the task.
Residential pest control services in DFW metroplex

We Proudly Serve a Wide Array of Businesses

The team at Graham’s Lawn & Pest has handled projects in almost every type of facility you can imagine. Our residential projects are often relatively simple. But commercial wildlife control is much more complex due to the vast space some buildings occupy. Nevertheless, we will identify the cause of your wildlife infestation, employ proven wildlife removal techniques, and offer suggestions about how to keep critters out of your buildings for good. We have exhibited our commercial wildlife control capabilities for properties including:

  • Condominiums
  • Government Facilities
  • Industrial Plants
  • Office Buildings
  • Restaurants
  • Retail Stores
  • Warehouses

Our Comprehensive Wildlife Control Services

Commercial wildlife control is much more than identifying a single problem and addressing it. There are several ancillary issues related to wildlife infestation at your business. Graham’s Lawn & Pest handles all of them. Our wildlife control services include:

  • Dead Animal Removal – In some instances, you may have dead animals rotting in your crawlspaces or behind your walls. We can remove them so that they do not attract other critters.
  • Cleanup Services – Following the removal of living or dead animals from your business, we will completely clean the areas of any reminders.
  • Odor Control – Wild animals often have unpleasant scents. We will ensure your facility smells clean and fresh.

Why You Should Choose Graham’s Lawn & Pest

Graham’s Lawn & Pest has been a staple in the DFW Metroplex for nearly 70 years. In that time, we have provided comprehensive wildlife control services to countless business owners. Your comfort and safety are our top priorities, so we will treat every project with the same attention to detail we would offer our own family members. Our experts utilize state-of-the-art equipment and proven techniques to ensure long-lasting results.

Contact Us for Commercial Wildlife Removal Today

You want your customers and employees to feel safe when they enter your business. To help promote that feeling, you may have security cameras or protocols in place. But safety is much more than that. Your business should also be safe from wildlife. Though many small animals are cute and charming from a distance, no one wants them roaming through the aisles of a store or across the counters in a restaurant’s kitchen. Graham’s Lawn & Pest will ensure your facility is free of rodents, birds, opossums, and more. We provide commercial wildlife control services to businesses throughout the DFW Metroplex, and we are confident we can help you. Contact us today to schedule a consultation or appointment.

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